An Evening with Ultimaker

On July 25th, Mi3D spent the evening with Ultimaker. Ultimaker, is a 3D printing company made up of a community of 3D printing experts. This company began in 2011 with the mission to ” empower and inspire people around the world by developing open source 3D printers and tools.” Since their inception, their company has launched at least 1 printer per year each with it’s own innovative technology/functions for easier use. These innovations have included changes such as geared feeders, swappable nozzles, dual feed systems (allowing for dissolve-able support material), the addition of a camera for print monitoring and many more features than I have space to list!

MI3D Ultimaker 2

Most people when they get into 3D printing hear about Ultimaker from their free slicer software, Cura, that you have to download so that you can start 3D printing things off Thingiverse. Cura is really great and user friendly to even the most novice of us. Incredibly the software keeps getting better and more capable for no cost to the consumer.

  • Print multiple objects at once with different settings for each object
  • Deeper 3MF integration for better CAD-Cura interoperability
  • Optimized profiles for dual extrusion and Ultimaker materials
  • Quick print options, or customize over 200 settings to optimize
  • Layer view simulates your g-code paths on the fly
  • Export and Import projects to re-use settings from past prints

So, previously I mentioned Thingiverse as a site where people upload .stl files and the public and download and 3D print to their hearts content. Ultimaker actually has their own version of this called Youmagine. Check it out! When I have an idea for something I want to print I usually check Thingiverse, Youmagine, or MyMiniFactory and I usually can come up with a solution.

Luis and Matt talked with the community and answered questions about their printers, the company and 3D printing in general. It was interesting to hear some of the places they are seeing their printers being used. There is an agriculture startup in NYC that Matt talked about where they are using Ultimakers to prototype components way cheaper than it would be to have manufactured traditionally. They also mentioned how a Toyota plant was utilizing banks of Ultimakers on a production line to create on demand templates for various operations! How cool is that!

MI3D Ultimaker 3.jpg

All in all it was great night spend with many people that share the interest and the passion as we do for 3D printing! Thanks for the food and the beer guys! We shall see you soon!



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