This past weekend Crisco Designs hit the road and went to Lansing’s Mini Maker Faire! The event was their first time holding it in Lansing at TinkrLab in Okemos, Michigan (near Lansing). TinkrLab would be the result of a makerspace colliding with a storefront. They have all kinds of projects and maker supplies that you can buy but they also have classes where they focus on anything from 3D printing to Minecraft modding. Check out their site for more info!

Well, this is pretty much one of the 1st events me and my wife have gone to like this where we actually set up a booth to talk with people. Typically we are the ones walking around and exploring! I will say it was great fun being “the experts” on the other side of the table but it was bittersweet not being able to engage with these other makers on to the extent I had before. It was great getting to show off the projects that I’ve so passionately put together. I was very impressed that a lot of the people ACTUALLY recognized the props weapons that I had with me!

The Faire started out kind of stressful because we arrived basically as it started so here we are putting things out and set up and we’re already flooded with people! AAaaaah! Next time we know better! It was pretty funny when we received our badges (see below) and they walked us to our table we realized we were going to be next to the SAME people we were at MRRF 2017. For more on what MRRF is, check out my blog post. These guys run UFly Technologies which is a hobby shop focused on drones and other flying techs! They kept giving us a hard time because we didn’t have any 3D printers…hahaha….  I just realized…. they didn’t have any drones! 😀 Next time I GOT THEM!

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