The first Mi3D meet up was 4/25/17, hosted by Little Space Studio in Grand Rapids and thanks to them for hosting this new group! Our first speaker was Dean Piper with Muve 3D.Our first speaker was Dean Piper with Muve 3D Printers, a local DLP resin based company. He gave us a rundown of his company and taught us a lot about the technology!

My top takeaways from the meeting are as follows:

  • There is no infill with this type of printing
  • You are placing a layer at a time
  • The software takes an STL & essentially converts it to a black & white slide show       of JPEGs that are sent to the projector
  • He uses a $500-$700 Viewsonic projector but the same technology “tailored” to                                3D printing costs $10k
  • It’s best to use shells and drainage holes with solid models and DLP – the resin needs somewhere to go!
  • DLP printing is still in its infancy, Dean compared it to FDM 10 years ago

The “founders” of this group if you want to call us that are as follows (in order left to right):  Russ Taber, Aaron Brown, Joshua Yuhas, Chris Kaminsky (me) and Casey Dubois! This photo was taken at Casey’s “warehouse” on one of his “Selfie Stands.”



Some photos from the meeting courtesy of my lovely wife Amber!

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